The Challenge

More details about the Challenge.

The RevUp Render Lunar Iditarod is a micro rover race. Participants will build very small rovers to race, both for time and against one another. The Lundar Iditarod will take the top three participants to the moon for a final challenge.
The RevUp Render Lunar Iditarod is a gated challenge. Participants must partake in the lower level before being allowed to participate in the next. The different levels will be called “Stages.” Having different stages will provide funding for competition and also prevent individuals from jumping in at the last second and stealing the “prize” of racing on the moon.
RevUp Render Lunar Iditarod is also a robotics competition in which participants will build micro rovers.
RevUp Render Lunar Iditarod will be a public event. The location is TBD.
The first two stages will be held quarterly up to seven months before the launch. The third stage will be announced and held when 16 participants have advanced through the first two stages. The fourth stage will feature a bracketed race-off that will take place seven months before the launch from which the top three DogeSleds will advance to the moon. DogeSleds will be placed into the stowage for the launch to the moon six months prior to the launch.
RevUp Render Lunar Iditarod will have five stages. Each stage has its own entry requirements. Each stage will have a separate entry fee. Each stage will have separate rewards. Teams may participate in as many stages as they pay for and qualify for in a single event. However, no fees are refundable.

The first and second stage competitions will be held quarterly starting on September 6th, 2014. The third stage will be held on to-be-determined dates concurrent with the first and second stage competitions once there are 16 qualified entrants.

The fourth stage race will take place seven months prior to the launch of the payloads to the moon.

Teams must connect their DogeSled to the competition wifi network. All teams must successfully start from a fixed position and travel nine meters in lunar regolith simulant across a finish line in under ten minutes.

The entry fee is 2,250,000 dogecoin.

A prize for the fastest time in an event will be awarded. That prize will be 3,000,000 dogecoins.

All teams must successfully start from a fixed position and travel nine meters in lunar regolith simulant across the finish line in under ten minutes.

All teams must connect to the competition wifi. Each competitor’s DogeSled must be equipped with a forward-mounted 1 megapixel digital camera. This camera must send pictures to a competition website. All teams must demonstrate 90% return from their 1 megapixel digital camera to the competition website during the race (no more than 60 images, with 54 successfully sent). All teams’ Dogesleds must be completely autonomous.

The entry fee is 6,500,000 dogecoins.

The DogeSled with the fastest time and successful completion of the stage requirements will receive a prize of 7,500,000 dogecoins. This prize will be awarded once per event.

Teams must place their DogeSled in the competition prototype DogeSled carrier planned for the lunar trip. This will be subjected to vibration, thermal, vacuum and other tests with the DogeSleds stowed. The environmental tests will meet the cubesat standard as defined by California Polytechnic State University. After these tests, the DogeSled will have to be connected to the competition wifi network, successfully send images, and traverse the lunar regolith simulant in less than ten minutes.

The entry fee is 11,000,000 dogecoins.

The DogeSled with the fastest time and successful completion of the stage requirements will receive a prize of 12,500,000 dogecoins. This prize will be offered at each event in which the third stage is run.

The fourth stage of the race will be a bracketed race in which DogeSleds will be paired off randomly in single elimination races. The race is 9m long; whichever DogeSled crosses the finish line first wins that bracket, but it must do so in less than ten minutes. The top three fastest racers that have gone through the environmental tests and won their brackets (finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd) will be loaded onto the lunar stowage and delivered to the lunar lander partner.

The entry fee is 16,000,000 dogecoins.

The fourth place prize will be 22,000,000 dogecoins for first place, 20,000,000 dogecoins for second place, and 18,000,000 dogecoins for third place.

These prizes will be offered once at the final fourth stage race. The fourth stage race will take place seven months prior to the launch of the payloads to the moon.

The fifth and final stage is the race on the moon itself. The top three DogeSleds will be carried on the lunar lander partner’s lander to the moon’s surface. Once on the moon, the carrier will release all three DogeSleds that, after touchdown on the surface, will initiate a 9m race while relaying back the 1 megapixel images.

There is no entry fee for this stage.

The winner of the race will be granted a to-be-announced prize.

Entry Fees

The entry fees listed are in dogecoins or US Dollars, as applicable, inclusive of taxes, levies and duties associated with running a challenge.

First Stage

2,250,000 dogecoins

Second Stage

6,500,000 dogecoins

Third Stage

11,000,000 dogecoins

Fourth Stage

16,000,000 dogecoins

Fifth Stage


For the first, second and third stages, awards will be given on a per event basis. The fourth stage has only a single event. Its prizes will be awarded once.

First Stage Prize

For the first stage of the Iditarod, the best time for a DogeSled will receive three million (3,000,000) dogecoins.

Second Stage Prize

For the second stage of the Iditarod, the best time for a DogeSled will receive seven million five hundred thousand (7,500,000) dogecoins.

Third Stage Prize

The third stage best time and completion will receive twelve million five hundred thousand (12,500,000) dogecoins.

Fourth Stage Prize

For the fourth stage, first place will receive twenty-two million (22,000,000) dogecoins. Second place will receive twenty million (20,000,000) dogecoins. Third place will receive eighteen million (18,000,000) dogecoins.

Fifth Stage (Grand Prize)


All prize payments shall be made in accordance with U.S. law and in dogecoins, which may restrict or prohibit payment to Teams based or residing in countries subject to U.S. sanctions and may subject international Teams to U.S. taxes.

Any Prizes that are awarded will be awarded to individual Teams only. Teams are solely responsible for any payments to be made to their Team Members, and any other parties, from any Prizes that they receive.

Odds of winning any prize depend on the skill of each Team and the number of Teams.

General Requirements*

Requirements to enable a participant to join the challenge

Participant & Entry Requirements

Participants must be a legal entity.**

Participants must not be from a forbidden country.

Participants must engage in sportsman like behavior.

Participants must be present at all events entered into.

Participants may enter more than one DogeSled simultaneously, but each sled requires a separate entry fee.

Participants may enter multiple stages simultaneously. However, participants must pay for each event separately and may only participate in the successive event if they succeed at the previous level. All fees are non refundable.

Teams must be present for the competition for they are registered.

All team members must be listed, not more than 3 team members at any competition. Advanced notification of team members is required.

Team Phoenicia, Inc. must be provided notice of foreign national status 3 months prior to competition in order to obtain security and clearance approval by host site. Team Phoenicia reserves the right to make additional related requests.

DogeSled Design

DogeSleds shall have the dimensions of 3 cm high, 5 cm wide and 10 cm long in stowed configuration.

DogesSleds must have extendable legs, wheels (inflatable or solid), or other other mobility feature once deployed.

DogeSleds must be self contained.

DogeSleds shall not exceed 85 grams in mass.

DogeSleds must include a Dogecoin Logo and a RevUp Render, Inc. logo.

DogeSleds shall include a small 1 megapixel camera which will snap a picture every 10 seconds of their progress in the race.

DogeSleds must be autonomous.

DogeSled Functionality

DogeSleds must connect with the outside world via 802.11.

DogeSleds must travel at least nine meters in no more than ten minutes.

DogeSleds may propel themselves in any way possible within the limits of mass and dimensions outlined. They may not use the atmosphere for combustion for propulsion.

Launch & Stow Requirements

DogeSleds must comply with launch safety regulations.

DogeSleds must be able to be stowed for up to two months without being electrically charged.

DogeSleds must not endanger or interfere with any other payloads.

Team Requirements

Teams must be present for the competition for they are registered.

All team members must be listed, not more than 3 team members at any competition. Advanced notification of team members is required.

Team Phoenicia, Inc. must be provided notice of foreign national status 3 months prior to competition in order to obtain security and clearance approval by host site. Team Phoenicia reserves the right to make additional related requests.

Miscellaneous Requirements

Team Phoenicia will only provide the location, the regolith, the wifi, video screens and work bench.

Team Phoenicia will not provide lodging or travel costs to participants.

All teams shall have a Dogecoin wallet.

All teams shall use approved Dogecoin payment systems or exchanges.


The judging panel will consist of 7 judges: two (2) from the Dogecoin community, two (2) from the aerospace community, one (1) to be appointed by RevUp Render, one (1) to be appointed by NASA (or an alternate), and one (1) appointed by Team Phoenicia (head judge).

The judges will mediate all disputes, render judgments on rule questions, monitor the races, declare winners. All judgments are final.

*All requirements herein are subject to revision. Requirements may be added or subtracted as necessary or as determined by Team Phoenicia or RevUp Render.

**The term "Participant" shall mean a team or team member as the context requires.


3 additional judges to be determined at a later date.

Dr. Sean Casey
John Doe

Dr. Sean Casey

Silicon Valley Space Center (Founder & Director)

William R. Claybaugh
Jane Helf

William R. Claybaugh

Strategic Space Solutions, LLC

Jackson Palmer
Joshua Insanus

Jackson Palmer

Co-Founder, Dogecoin

Birdie Jaworski
Birdie Jaworski

Birdie Jaworski

Editor, Very Much Wow


It is an opensource P2P digital currency

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency.

For a quick summary, check out this explanatory video made by the dogecoin community and Quantum Designs HD:

Friends of the Lunar Iditarod

Revup Render, Inc

RevUp Render is cloud computing for AEC, video game design, motion graphics and more. RURI's goal is to bridge the gap between the creative mind and model rendering through advanced collaborative design & review technology.

"The Iditarod is the perfect way for the Dogecoin community to push the limits of digital currency and advanced engineering to achieve something that has never been done before—racing micro-rovers on the moon," explains Ry Bruscoe, president of RevUp Render.

"Participants will have access to our advanced cloud computing technologies to push their designs to the limits—we can’t wait to see what the Lunar Iditarod teams create in the most ambitious challenge to date for the Dogecoin community."

Team Phoenica, Inc

Team Phoenicia is an orbital payload broker and service provider. Founded in 2007, Team Phoenicia entered the spacecraft payload manifesting market in 2010 with the purpose of making space access more routine for small spacecraft.

Very Charity, Inc

VeryCharity is a non-profit corporation promoting the use of Dogecoin through awareness, advocacy, and charity campaigns.


The details on how to register with us

Click here to Register

Registration for the Competition (“Registration”) takes place in two parts: (1) Registration Package (mandatory), and (2) Master Team Agreement (mandatory), which includes the Release, Waiver, and Confidentiality Agreement. If Team fails to provide the mandatory documents, Team is not eligible to participate. The “Registration Package” can be found at next section.

Team must submit a Registration Package, along with the corresponding fee (“Registration Fee”), as explained below. This Registration Package provides Team Phoenicia with sufficient information to enroll Team in the Competition and also facilitates Team Phoenicia’s promotion of Team as part of the Competition.

If Team’s Registration Package is submitted by Team or an agent of Team or another individual on Team’s behalf, Team hereby agrees to and accepts the terms and conditions of the Registration Package, which are herein incorporated by this reference. Team acknowledges that in the event of a conflict or inconsistency between this Agreement and the Registration Package, as determined by Team Phoenicia or its designee, the Standard Terms and Conditions of this Agreement shall prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

Click here to Register
Team must sign a complete and unrevised Team Agreement, and each Team Member must sign, in writing, a complete and unrevised Release and Waiver Agreement attached as ***Exhibit ***. Team is not eligible to compete or receive Prizes unless and until these documents are provided to Team Phoenicia.
Team may withdraw from the Competition by written notice to Team Phoenicia.
The Registration Fee shall not be refundable once Team Phoenicia has accepted Team’s

To be eligible to compete and claim any prize, Team must be an Eligible Entity. An “Eligible Entity” means a legal entity: (i) validly existing, duly organized, and in good standing in the jurisdiction of its organization; (ii) to whom payments may be legally made from the entity in dogecoins; (iii) organized and competing in a jurisdiction in which the Competition is not prohibited by Law; (iv) with a dogecoin wallet from which funds can be legally deposited from the United States in dogecoins; (v) that has not withdrawn, been terminated, or disqualified from the Competition; (vi) that has been and is in compliance with this Agreement; and, (vii) that shall provide Team Phoenicia with proof of its status as an Eligible Entity upon request. Without limitation of the requirements above, Teams with any members who are Nationals or residents of Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria, and other people and entities restricted by US export controls and sanctions programs are not eligible to participate in this Competition.

In addition to the other requirements set forth in this Agreement, Team must remain a going concern and legal entity in good standing with the applicable jurisdiction in order to be eligible to receive any payments described in this Agreement.

Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Teams from all countries and with any background who are Eligible Entities are eligible to compete in the Competition, including, but not limited to, small companies, not-for-profit foundations, and Teams comprised of students and/or faculty from universities, colleges, or other academic institutions. To the extent possible, Team Phoenicia will work with all Teams to attempt to overcome any issues that may arise due to the international aspect of the Competition; however, the ultimate responsibility for adherence with Laws and compliance with the terms of this Agreement resides with each Team.

Team Phoencia, RevUp Render and allied organizations’ employees and their families may neither participate in nor have a financial interest in any Team.

The officers of Team Phoenicia, RevUp Render, allied organizations, and any employees who have influence over the acceptance of Teams into the Competition or the judging of the Competition will disclose to Team Phoenicia any significant past, present, or expected future relationship with any Team involved in the Competition. If any conflict of interest develops, as determined by Team Phonicia, in its sole discretion, the conflicted individual will be recused from all access to Team Confidential Information as well as decisions about Team acceptance and Competition judging.

Team Phoenicia shall also use its best efforts to ensure that all Teams are judged fairly and without regard for factors unrelated to performance in the Competition.

Registration must be approved by Team Phoenicia in order for Team to compete and be eligible to receive any Prizes. Team Phoenicia will not refuse Registration unless it determines that a prospective Team: (i) lacks the understanding of the financial or technical means required to present a viable entry; (ii) is not or will not remain an Eligible Entity; (iii) is likely to not comply with the terms of this Agreement; or, (iv) is likely to disrupt relationships with other Teams, sponsors, or otherwise unreasonably endanger or disrupt the administration of the Competition or related activities. Registration Packages, including, without limitation, the Agreement and Registration Fee, will be reviewed by Team Phoenicia, using all available information, for completeness and for compliance with the principles of the Competition and terms of this Agreement. Team Phoenicia shall attempt to issue an acceptance or rejection of each Registration Package within fourteen (14) days after receipt of the complete Registration Package. Team Phoenicia may, at its sole discretion, pose additional questions or requests for clarification to supplement the Registration Package as part of its evaluation. All rejection or acceptance decisions made by Team Phoenicia shall be final and in its sole and absolute discretion. If a Team’s Registration is rejected, the submitting Team may reapply for Registration.

Registration in the Competition is non-transferrable unless explicitly permitted by Team Phoenicia; such permission will be denied if transfer or sale of the Registration is used in an attempt to circumvent the Registration approval process or would otherwise result in a Team failing or ceasing to be an Eligible Entity.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Team must fully comply with all applicable local, regional, national, and international laws, orders, directives, ordinances, treaties, rules, declarations, decrees, orders, enactments, judgments, regulations or other binding restrictions issued by any legislative, judicial or administrative body, whether effective before or after the Effective Date (“Laws” or, singularly, “Law”) for all aspects of the Competition, from purchasing of components to the launch and operation of the Craft and any secondary vehicles. Team is responsible for acquiring all appropriate licenses, waivers, and/or permits from the applicable regulatory bodies or other applicable third parties. XPF shall in no way be responsible for providing to Team any advice or counsel, legal or otherwise, with regard thereto.

In particular, where applicable, Team is obligated to comply with U.S. export control and sanctions regulations pertaining to their own exports from the United States of controlled information, services, software, and products. This includes (without limitation) the requirement in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations ("ITAR") to get the permission of the U.S. State Department to release to foreign persons in the United States or anyone outside the United States technical data or defense services directly related to spacecraft, including, without limitation, rovers, and all parts and components specially designed therefor. See, e.g., 22 C.F.R. sec. 121.1, USML Category XV. XPF takes no position on, or responsibility for, the determination of whether any particular activity is export controlled and encourages all participants to seek their own counsel with respect to how the requirements of ITAR and other export control rules affect their participation in and activities related to the Competition.

Where applicable, Team shall apply with the relevant government authorities, such as the respective state secrets protection bureau, to confirm that no state secrets are involved or created through Team’s participation in the Competition. Where state secrets are involved or created, Team shall receive the governmental authority’s approval that such state secrets may be used for the Competition and that XPF and the Judging Panel may be granted access to such state secrets for purposes relating to this Competition.